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Fighting for Local Governments and Home Rule

Advocacy Toolkit

More than 50 years ago, voters in the state of Florida enshrined in the State Constitution the idea that the best form of government is the one closest to the people and Home Rule became part of law here in our sunshine state.  


Over the last two decades, at the behest of big developers, big corporations and big donors, the party of "Small Government" has chipped away at the power of county and city governments through legislation passed by the Florida Legislature.  This session is exceptional in the number of pre-emption bills. In partnership with the Small County Coalition, we created this toolkit to provide local organizers and advocates for our communities with information about these preemption bills.

Need info on how to contact your State House Representative or Senator? Click here!  The document is group by committee.  You can use the Find function to quickly locate a specific legislators' contact info. 


Social Media Graphics

These posts are formatted as 1080px  x 1080px, making them suitable for both Facebook and Instagram.  The verbiage on the graphic can be used to create the caption for your post(s) and you can also supplement the info with links to news stories about the bills.  Please use the hashtag #protectlocalpower for this campaign.

Click each image to open the full version and then click the download icon  in the top left corner to save it to your computer.

Sample Scripts

The goal of this document is to provide sample scripts for speaking at BOCC and City Council meetings about the many preemption bills during the public comment period that our local governments offer at their meetings.  Each governing body has unique meeting dates and times and procedures for residents interested in offering public comment. 


We have compiled a list of all of the County Commission meeting dates and times here. Visit the website for your local city to find out more information about their meeting dates and times. Please note, under Florida Public Records Law, your comments at a public meeting are considered part of the Public Record. 

Get this script here!

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