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I Would Steal a Song Lyric, but it’s Been Overdone

I know this seems like an odd date to talk about a year in review, but I’m only slightly behind on making a post about the anniversary of my husband and I moving to Florida. The last twelve months have been an emotional rollercoaster – but I’m sure I’m not alone in that feeling. I’m sitting in my office at my Mom’s house and I didn’t really expect to still be here a year later. I also didn’t expect our former President to nearly destroy our country and our economy with his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This past year, I’ve watched Republicans take off their hoods and attempt to crown themselves autocrats in our great nation. I ‘ve mourned the murders of George Floyd and countless others. My transgender sisters and brothers were slaughtered in record numbers, and Republicans across this country are so afraid of the future that transgender kids are the new victim in a gross attempt to earn votes through deceit and dehumanization.

I lost my favorite aunt who after fighting valiantly for eighteen months succumbed to her battle with cancer. I’ve watched my mom stare at pictures of her grandkids instead of getting to seem them , because my brother believes we’re all bad people because we voted for Joe and believe in social justice in this house.

I am by nature an introvert. This last year has pushed me to the brink of being an extrovert. I revived an old passion, one that has roots in college, when my circle of friends were serious about student government and thought we might one day change the world. I’ve spoken up about what I believe is right and spoken out against what I believe is wrong. Brené Brown coined the phrase “Speak Truth to Bullshit” and I’ve taken that as motto, even if I’ve earned the nickname of Holden from a new, but very dear friend.

In a year where we’ve been torn apart by COVID I’ve made some of the most amazing new friends as we’ve become comrades in arms against the tyranny of the Right. My new young organizer friends, who look at the world from a lens that I admire, and speak about the world in pithy terms , have brought me joy and understanding of this brave new world. Amazing Democrats across this county and state have invited me to have a seat at their table and I’m glad to have a seat at the table. A seat where I will continue speak truth to bullshit.

I’ve went and saved the best for last though. Yes, I know that’s trite. Last May, my husband did me the distinct honor of taking my hand in marriage. My constant companion, my best friend. mi corazón – we got through this last year together, and adversity has only made us stronger.

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